Susie Moya, LCSW (she/her)



My name is Susie and am the owner of Embrace Corazón Counseling. I founded the practice in 2018 with the goal to help individuals and families to explore their sense of self and sense of belonging.

Life can be a journey of transitions and challenges. I recognize that the impact of change can be stressful on the mind and the body. As a Latina therapist, I also recognize the struggles associated with navigating through a world that we don’t always feel like we fit in. I offer support to help cope and overcome life challenges while using culturally informed, strength-based, and mindful based approaches. I also have experience providing trauma therapy to adults and children who have been affected by interpersonal violence and intergenerational trauma. I also recognize how chronic stress and trauma, as well as cultural factors, can influence how you feel about yourself.

In therapy sessions, I collaborate with you to recognize your personal strengths, explore the roots of your thoughts and feelings that are associated with your presenting concerns, such as, anxiety, depression, low self-value, or identity.

I encourage therapy to be a space to practice self-awareness, increase strategies to improve emotional wellness, and overall learn how to embrace yourself.

            Erika Luna, LCPC (she/her)


Erika is a Latina therapist, born and raised in the Southwest Side of Chicago. She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Applied Psychology from UIC and Master’s of Arts in Counseling Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She discovered her passion for understanding people’s emotions and behavior from an early age as she struggled to make sense of the world around her growing up. Now as a therapist, she works with individuals as they navigate life transitions, self-exploration, heal from trauma, and repair relationships, practicing from a cultural and social justice framework.

Throughout her career, she has learned the impact of trauma comes in many forms, understanding how trauma and chronic stress affects the person’s self-concept as well as their mind and body. She describes her therapeutic style as compassionate and collaborative, integrating trauma and cultural healing processes.

            Ericka Soto, LCPC (she/her)


Ericka is a therapist of Mexican heritage from the south side of Chicago. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology/Clinical Counseling and in Spanish for Social and Community Services from Saint Xavier University. She received her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northeastern Illinois University. Ericka found her calling for therapy through her own journey from a very young age. She uses her experiences to help her provide compassion and empathy towards her clients in order to create an environment that enables growth.

Through her work with survivors of domestic violence, Ericka has been able to help clients work on different aspects of their life that needed healing. From re-establishing identity, understanding or challenging their roles within their chosen families, healing from trauma, to learning how to navigate life transitions, Ericka has gained experience meeting clients where they’re at.

            Yanira Roman, LSW 


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Hi, my name is Yanira pronounced YaaNIH-R-ah but you can call me Yani. I am a Queer Latina therapist born and raised in Chicago’s North Side. I graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology from Capella University and a Master of Social Work in Applied Clinical Practice from Walden University.

My first introduction to therapy came from my own personal journey toward healing. During that time, I searched high and low for a therapist with whom I could establish a safe and trusting relationship. I was in search of someone who embodied compassion, empathy, and the willingness to guide me through the challenges I was facing. Through my own journey, I discovered the importance of addressing our own struggles and the importance of understanding that trauma and healing look different for everyone.

In my role as a therapist, I have had the privilege of collaborating with individuals dealing with a variety of challenges, including complex trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, and various other mental health conditions that have profoundly affected their self-identity and daily lives. As a therapist, it is my goal is to work in collaboration with you to address the things that are deeply affecting you. I place a strong emphasis on building a solid rapport with my clients, and utilize compassion, humor, and a strength-based approach to empower and uplift the individuals I work with.